Separator de sarcina MPR de 160 A

QUADRON®CrossLinkBreaker - separatoare de sarcina de marime 00, 160 A:

  • Versiune standard
  • 3 poli
  • Montare in panou

Separator de sarcina MPR de 160 A

Description Part No.: 33200
NH fuse switch disconnector size 00, 160 A,
3-pole, panel-mounting, standard version, screw-type terminal on both sides,
Product Advantages The shock protection cover is in 2 pieces to provide for safe connection of cables.
The lid is provided with self-closing inspection holes.
Product Group Subgroup 9
Standards IEC 60947-1:2004
IEC 60947-3:1999
IEC 60947-1:2007
IEC 60947-3:2008
EN 60947-1:2007
EN 60947-3:2009
DIN EN 60947-1/04.08
DIN EN 60947-3/02.10
Approvals IEC (CB), Germanischer Lloyd, GOST, CCC

Type No.: LTS00

CCC certificate: 2004010302117250
Electrical Data 690 V AC / 160 A
conditional rated short circuit current 50 kA (with fuse links gL/gG)
switching capacity / application categories AC23 B (400 V), AC23 B (500V / 125A),
AC22 B (690 V), AC21 B (690 V),
DC22 B (220V), DC22 B (440V / 125A), DC 21 B (440V),

DC specifications: 2 current paths (L1, L2) in series

for fuse links to IEC 60269-2-1 (I) / DIN VDE 0636-201 size 00 up to 12 W

AC20B (1000 V), DC20B (1000 V) pollution degree 2
visible instruction necessary; if application more than DC 440V /AC 690V or AC 160A: do not operate under load 

Conv. therm. current 200A (AC 20B), with knife link part. no. 03161, and cable Cu 95mm² 

According to the AC and DC switching characteristics and in consideration of the overload conditions, the following distances to earth metal parts have to be provided. 
- top 150mm, side 55mm
By using as a disconnector (switching not under load) the mentioned distances are not applicable.

Power dissipation:
The power dissipation of the device results in 4,5 W at a typical
load with 80 % of the nominal current.
(The power dissipation is 7 W for application at nominal current.)

Degree of protection IP30 (front side); degree of protection near terminal depends on installation
Mechanical Data Width x Height x Depth (mm): 106 x 176 x 83
Weight (kg/100): 77,7

fastened by screw mounting, clip-on mounting by 33 193
Connections Accessories:
Clamp: Cu 1,5 -70mm² rm, f+AE; la. Cu 12x1-10; 3 Nm torque 
Wedge clamp (single): Cu, Al* 16-70mm² rm, sm, f+AE; 3 Nm torque 
Tunnel terminal: 3x Cu 1.5-16mm² rm, f+AE; 3 Nm tightening torque

*not maintenance free when aluminium conductors are used
screw M8 : 
Md 12 - 14 Nm
Material Characteristics Main body:
temperature stability 125°C, 
self-extinguishing in acc. to UL 94, 
creepage resistance CTI 200,

Shock protection cover:
temperature stability 120°C, 
self-extinguishing in acc. to UL 94, 
creepage resistance CTI 200
temperature stability 120°C, 
self-extinguishing in acc. to UL 94, 
creepage resistance CTI 200
spring-loaded contacts,
copper, silver plated
Pack Size 1
Catalog Page: 2011 : 6/5
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