Anybus Communicator RTU

Convertor de protocol cu interfata Modbus-RTU seriala

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datasheet Anybus Communicator RTU

The Communicator handles the complete serial protocol without the need for extensive PLC function blocks. This compact gateway consumes very little space in a switching cabinet and is easily mounted on a standard DIN-rail.

For devices with a Modbus-RTU interface, the Communicator functions as a Modbus-RTU Master. With its selectable RS-232/422/485 It is possible connect multiple devices using one Communicator. Therefore making for a very cost effective network connection for your devices.

    Proven and trusted intelligent gateways providing unrivaled flexibility and functionality
    Once a configuration is completed it can be re-used for many other industrial networks
    Network enables almost any automation device with a serial RS-232/422/485 Modbus-RTU interface
    No hardware or software changes are required for the connected automation devicel
    Available for all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks
    Compatible with all leading PLC's from manufacturers such as, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider etc..
    Complete protocol conversion performed by the Communicator, no extensive PLC function blocks required
    One Communicator can connect upto 31 serial devices using its RS-485 interface
    Included Configuration Manager with an easy visual Modbus-RTU wizard. No programming required
    Global free technical support and consultancy
    Custom versions with pre-loaded configuration, colors and labels available on request
    3 year product guarantee from date of shipment

Convertor de protocol cu interfata Modbus-RTU seriala

Connect your non-networked device to any major fieldbus or industrial Ethernet networks with the Anybus Communicator.